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The right people can be tough to find–unless you know where to look.

Quality Candidates that Fit Your Needs

We are committed to finding the right people for your business and work hard to ensure the only candidates you’ll meet are those who’ve passed our in-depth screening process. The First Recruiting search team has a strong track record in identifying and delivering candidates to assignments across all business sectors. So, whether you’re looking for full-time professionals, temporary to hire, or temporary employees First Recruiting’s resources and industry expertise will help you find the best people to take your business forward.

Direct Hire

Make the hiring process easier on your staff. First Recruiting will take 100% responsibility for finding the candidates you want to hire, and only the best candidates will be delivered to you. As your partner in the recruiting process, we will manage all aspects of finding your next employee, including:

  • Recruiting candidates
  • Profiling your ideal candidate
  • Developing the job description
  • Comprehensive telephone screens
  • Administering assessment tests
  • Completing background screens
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Coordinating and presenting job offers

Temporary Staffing

From last minute fill-ins to long-term project staff, we can provide you with temporary employees with the skills and experience you require. Whether you are looking to extend your team’s resources or free up some of your personnel’s time, First Recruiting can supply temporary employees for:

  • Vacation coverage
  • Leaves of absence
  • Seasonal support
  • Short and long-term projects


Make your next hire with confidence. With First Recruiting’s temp-to-hire service, you can try out a new employee before committing to bringing them on full time. During the trial period, your new employee will work as a First Recruiting temporary employee. At the end of the trial period and if you are pleased with the quality of their work, you can convert the individual over to your staff.

Our Services

First Recruiting offers a comprehensive array of services, including:

Sourcing and Recruiting Candidates

Performing Reference Checks

Comprehensive Telephone Screens

Onsite Consulting Services

Developing Job Descriptions

Conducting In Person Interviews

Comprehensive Background Screening

Conducting Reference Checks

Administering Assessment Tests

Presentation of Job Offers

Our Technology

The economic and employment landscape continually shifts. To stay current, we have equipped our recruiters with the most innovative software that gives them access to a large pool of both passive and active candidates, and in turn gives you, the manager, the most talented candidates. The combination of our staff’s vast recruiting experience with an innovative staffing tools makes for incredibly accurate employment matching and a very reliable partner for your business, regardless of the type of vacancy you have.

Client Q&A

First Recruiting offers competitive rates that allow your organization to gain high quality candidates with fees that fit into your budget.  Our fees have a direct correlation to the complexity and level of the job opening being filled.

First Recruiters have years of experience in connecting with both passive and active job seekers. Over the years our consultants have built extensive networks of high-quality candidates and have connected with job seekers, colleagues, associations, and organizations to uncover passive candidates. First Recruiting also utilizes social networking and job board websites to continue to grow our network of qualified candidates.

Contact us to explore how First Temporary can you fill any open positions at your company today.

Our experienced consultants are trained to source effective and relevant information from our clients. We work to understand the “hard skills”, experience requirements, and “fit” requirements with your company’s culture.

We also want to understand the key “selling points” the role has so that we can construct a candidate attraction campaign appealing to those candidates who are motivated by the role.

Testing can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We utilize ProveIt! By Kenexa (an IBM Company), which enables us to test on virtually anything. Kenexa has categorized the skills testing by these categories:

  • Computer Proficiency
  • Microsoft Office
  • Clerical
  • Typing
  • Legal
  • Software
  • Technical

Yes, First Recruiting performs thorough background validation.  We obtain three professional references for every candidate, along with employment verification and degree confirmation.

At our clients’ request, we will gladly perform background checks.  We offer a national background check, a national alias background check, and a credit check.

Recruiting for yourself can be expensive and we can save you time and money. Just add up the costs of phone calls, advertising, time spent sifting through resumes, interviewing inappropriate candidates, writing position descriptions and reference checking. We believe that your time and money is much better spent working on your own business while we do all the hard work for you.

The positions we typically hire for are in these areas:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Wealth Management and Private Banking
  • Corporate Finance/ Brokerage
  • Information Technology
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Legal
  • General Services

Communication is paramount to get the most use from the recruiter. The recruiter wants to help you fill the open position as quickly as possible. To help them achieve this, it is important to be clear about your expectations and goals for the position when you’re speaking to the recruiter.

Tell your permanent staffing consultant at First Recruiting what you require, and he will introduce you to First Temporary’s staffing consultants, who will assist you in finding qualified temporary full-time assistance.  Our experienced recruiters at First Temporary will listen to what you’re looking for in your next temporary hire and will work to fill your position as quickly as possible.


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