Let Me Make the Introductions…


Though they be but little they are fierce. Thanks, Shakespeare. We are a small, elite band of “warrior-recruiters” that are looking to make that perfect match between you and your next position. Think of us as one of those match-making sites but we’re more geared towards career harmony.
You might notice that we’ve been gone for a while, but we’ve been busy in this time of radio silence. Below are some of the cool things we’ve been up to in our absence from the World Wide Web.

  1. We added texting!
    First Recruiting and First Temporary are coming out of the dark ages, dear readers. Yes, I know we’re online and yes, we have a blog, and I also understand that we’re on social media. But all that pales in comparison to our new-fangled texting software! (Distant cheers from the background…)
    After doing considerable research we discovered a wonderful text-for-business platform called TextUs. We really loved all the features they had to offer, including multiple ways to use the platform (desktop integration and a mobile app), direct sourcing of phone numbers that are listed on the webpage, and reverse look up to make sure it’s a mobile so we’re not texting a landline. But the best feature was that this company works hand in hand with the ATS we use here at First Associates and would therefore integrate seamlessly with the processes we already have in place. Once we heard that we were sold.
    We’re still testing it out to make sure it’s for us but if you’re a candidate looking to find your perfect job with us, don’t be surprised if we shoot you a text! We’d love to connect in a way that’s easier and less stressful for you.
  2. We’ve welcomed some new team members!
    Recently we’ve welcomed two new recruiters and a new intern to the team. Ben McCann joined us back in May and Jordan Larson signed on July, and both are doing fabulously here. They’ve made placements in under six months and continue to be extremely dedicated to their work and to their candidates. We’re very proud of them.
    Our newest addition is our intern, Lais. She just joined us last month and will be working with us to make the integration of our new texting platform a smoother one. We’re very excited to have her joining us.
  3. We’ve settled into our new LaSalle Street address.
    Back in 2015, we made the move into our new office space on LaSalle Street, in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. We wanted to make ourselves more accessible to our clients, especially those who come from outside the city limits. Now we’re just a couple blocks from both Ogilvie and Union Stations and easily accessible by both CTA “L” trains and buses. On top of that, it’s easier to stop in for a prep before your interview, because many of our clients have their own offices within a 10-minute walk from us! We’ve settled into our new building and suite very quickly and have been very happy to call this First’s home.

Make sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for more frequent updates on the goings on at First. We’ll also start posting some tips and tricks about the process of getting a job. They’ll include helping you to find the next step in your career, then nailing the interview, and finally landing the job.

Stay tuned!