Preparing for a Big Interview

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Preparation is the key to making a good first impression and nailing an interview. We have compiled a short, easy checklist to help candidates strategize and feel confident before an interview.

1. Research the company and it’s employees so that you will know your audience. Use your resources to learn as much about the company, its philosophy, and its practices to get an idea of the kind of candidates that excel there.

2. Prepare for possible questions you may be asked in order to seem prepared and knowledgeable. Research common interview questions, including behavioral questions, and conduct mock interviews either with yourself or a friend. Don’t forget also to have a few questions prepared for the interviewer as well.

3. Make sure you are dressed professionally and conservatively. Research the company’s dress policy and try to get an idea of the average employee’s uniform.

4. Come with a list of references and extra resumes. This shows preparation and forethought. Companies will often ask for a resume, and the references are helpful to have onhand.